Sunday, April 23, 2017

Silhouette Version 4 Beta and Image Effects Tool

I was asked to be part of an elite Beta tester team for Silhouette’s new, yet to be released, Version 4 software.  I was honored to be chosen to collaborate with a group of wonderful women crafters, many of whose blogs I have followed for years, along with the dedicated Silhouette staff.  I have really enjoyed working with the new software. Overall I love the direction Silhouette is taking the software.  I won’t lie, though - it will be quite a change from a user perspective.  But I feel for the most part this change is for the better.  With that being said there are still some challenges to work out, but we are optimistic because Silhouette is listening to our input. Here are a few of the new features:
  • Object on a path
  • bar codes in Business Edition
  • Improved Text Tool
  • New Tool Bar and Floating Panels
  • New Trace features

This brings me to the point of my post.  I am not considered by friends and family to be a novice when it comes to using the software. They jokingly call my house asking for the Silhouette hotline.  However, I have just learned something about the software that has been there since V3.3 that I think is pretty cool - You can add image effects to your designs!  Exciting right?  I had no idea what that meant, do you?  Let me explain and show you examples. I think when I’m done you’ll agree with me that image effects are pretty cool.

There are several different options in the Image Effects panel.

  • Grey Shades-  converts to grey tones
  • Colorize- (my favorite and the example) cycle through different hues
  • Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation
  • Gamma- controls intensity
  • Invert- inverts images color scheme 
  • Sepia- adds sepia tones
  • Tint- you can control the amount of Red, Green, and Blue
See Silhouette FAQ for better descriptions.

My Example is Colorize-  You can use the Colorize effect to change the colors of fill patterns and print and cut as in video below.

For this project, I used the following:

  • Silhouette CAMEO®
  • Silhouette Print & Cut design
  • Fill pattern
  • Silhouette Studio® (V 3.3 or higher)

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