Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Amazing Grace Cross Vinyl Decal

I created this cross for my friend a few years ago.  I am getting ready to attend the All Things Silhouette Conference in Peachtree City, GA and decide to use this as one of my swaps. This is a fairly easy project to do just requires some patience.  

  1. First, choose any Serif Font (example: Times New Roman).  I chose a font called Charter.  Type out the word Amazing but hit return key after every letter.  Highlight all the letters and choose "center align" in the Text Style Panel. This will align all of your letters so they are centered over each other.
  2. Next you want to adjust the line spacing so the letters are touching and slightly overlapping.  
  3. Now type each of the letters G R C E. You need to align the letters with the A in amazing.  Make sure to overlap the letter so they can welded together. I find this works best if you zoom in on the design. Once the letters are in place select the whole design and open Modify Panel and choose weld.

  4. I wanted this to have two layers, so select the design and open the Offset Panel and choose external offset.  Make sure that you have the cut out centers for the letters in your offset by adjusting the offset distance.
  5. Next step is to align both layers.  At this point I would change each the designs cut lines to a different color.  This will help in the cutting process.
  6. When cutting multiple layers I add a weeding box and rectangles to help with aligning  the decal after you cut the file. It is also helpful to have each layers of the cross and the weed box/aligning boxes cut lines set to different color.  Here is a great tutorial on layering vinyl.  Silhouette School Blog layering vinyl without waste 

For this project, I used the following:

  • Silhouette CAMEO®
  • Any Serif Font (example: Times New Roman)
  • Oracal 651 any color
  • Silhouette Studio® (recommend at least Designer Edition)
  • Font I used is Charter

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